Book sales are the mainstay of the Friends fundraisers. The Friends of the Battle Ground Library hold a three-day sale during the city’s summer celebration, Harvest Days, and operate “Ben’s Books” bookstore in the library. Both venues sell used hardbacks and paperbacks which have been donated by patrons.
Although most of the inventory for the store and the summer sale are books, other items such as CDs, DVDs, and audio and video tapes can be found. Prices for books and electronic-type media are sold at prices you won’t believe. Harvest Days’ Sunday sale is popular: a buck a bag!
What books sell best? Adult fiction, classics, nonfiction, children’s books, crafts, cookbooks, and home schooling materials.

Ben’s Books bookstore is named in honor of Ben Franklin, the father of free lending libraries. The store is located down the hall to the right of the library’s reception desk and is open during all days and hours that the library is open.
The selection in Ben’s Books is constantly refreshed from current donations. Also available are handsome black T-shirts with the red and white Friends’ logo imprint. Shirts come in various sizes. The book totes are well-made from sturdy off-white canvas and also are enhanced with the Friend’s logo. Each item is $10.
If you are looking for a unique gift, how about a Gift Certificate ($5.00 or $10.00) redeemable at Ben’s Books? They are available in the bookstore.
If no volunteer is in Ben’s Books, you can still buy a book by the honor system which is explained in the store. The store also has a bulletin board with notices about current items of interest to readers.
Harvest Days sales are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the third weekend in July. Each day is extremely well-attended. Donations are made to the Friends throughout the year, brought out of storage and sorted for the Harvest Days sale. You may choose your favorites from inside the Meyer Community room of the library, then check out the loaded tables on the adjoining patio.
The Friends are truly appreciative of book donations. Without donations the books sales and the bookstore would not enjoy the success they do. Book donations can be brought to Ben’s Books bookstore. If you are donating several boxes of books, please make arrangements with Friends Book Store Chair Anna Cross at (360)773-6979. Because many boxes of books are handled by women volunteers, boxes weighing less than 25 pounds are appreciated.

We offer here some guidelines to help you know what to donate and what not to donate. One rule of thumb is “Would I buy this at book sale?”

  • Most current fiction and up-to-date nonfiction books are acceptable. Older books can also be donated if they are in good condition, unmarked and have no loose covers or pages.
  • Books that are not saleable and therefore cannot be accepted are books that are dirty, musty, damp, moldy or damaged.
  • Also, old paperback romances, Readers’ Digest condensed books, encyclopedias, magazines and periodicals are unacceptable. (Please, no garage sale or rummage sale leftovers.)